Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.
Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.

: Your Community Partner

is a residential service provider: We support community development through private and public partnerships. We envision a world where all citizens are given the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to their communities.


We offer an array of programs that target specific needs in various communities. From organizing block projects to providing affordable housing services, is there to lend a hand.

Our community partners include:

  • Homes for Humanity
  • Jobs for Peace
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Housing Authority

Interested in volunteering or donating?

Contact us at , or send us an e-mail.

Contact Information

To contact us, call:




Or use our contact form.

Office Hours

We are open during the following hours:


monday thru friday 8am to 6pm saturday 8am to 1pm

Contribute or Volunteer

We welcome your support, whether it's a financial commitment or your personal time.


Contact us directly for more details on how you can help.

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Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.