Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.
Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.

When You Love America As I Do! Stand Tall !

We go out and ask for food and hand out love of company's; willing to share their love for Veterans coming in for this day!  If one wants to they can donate, also many do donate; their wonderful smiles and love for this day.   To share one's love, by many in the need of it. Is a blessing to our families!  Our military world is in the need of help, my reason is because we have and are still serving our country!   The United States Of America All Day And All Night!  When you love what it is that you do???  Smile and enjoy it as I do!  Can't sleep as a lot, of us cannot do!  Find ways to help, many in the need of help!  Veterans and family first!  Many who put in there, time for the events. We give water, hot drink something to eat; when possible and put on a real smile when you enter.

 You can never start a day that never ends and my E-mails times and dates prove that! Anything one may want to donate must come from the heart. Our donation is the love for our family's, where ever they maybe.  It’s not the donation, it’s the reason one enters in.  Looking for that job or a place to live, with our family members.  To learn how to open, your own business disable of not!!!  This is a reason one can't sleep @ night!  The problem is that I love what; it is that I am able to do.

Work with a host of others, willing to make it work! I served and what I see is heart breaking, because I too am apart of what it is we are trying to do! Coming in is about caring for those who have served and our family's only! Thank you for keeping my mind, heart and love for our Veterans real!!! Many think there is never, enough time to learn. In my world of learning, it is what you have now learned; you are now able to see!  Johnnie H. Williams Jr. Vietnam Combat Veterans 199th Light INF. 4/12 (TET 1968). 


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Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.