Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.
Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.

          Help Is On The Way!


         Many think there is never, enough time to Learn. In my world of learning,

               it is what you have now learned. you are now able to see!



                                                      Johnnie H. Williams Jr.

                                                        Help Is On THe Way!                  



         How are you family. I was ask when will be, the next book signing.


 Hopefully my books (Help Is On The Way and More) will be in the market place soon. Careful what you ask for!  We are working on the funds, in which our books, can be back on the market once again.  I love to read, write and learn more about life itself. By keeping an open mind, many doors will open. By others in the world of business, who think as you do.  A  mind never stops thinking.  Many just do not hear it ,when it is tell you something?


Smile there have been minds, who have seen outside of the earth.  I know once again, great minds have open minds. The way you think, can be a problem!  Most don’t believe what you are saying; let alone what you are thinking.  It started when I was, @ that cross road. Where I found my mentor and could not put down his books. I found the best mentor,one could have and his name was.


Norman Vincent Peale.  His first book I read was, The Power Of Positive Thinking.  Everyone of his book show me, the way back down to this earth. Vietnam left me somewhere out there, walking in the world.  Not evern knowing, my own family. My first book ,Help Is On The Way!  Was because I found help from the minds, of others who knew I was out there!  At 45 years young I landed ,in Hostos collage NYC. I enter into the world of education and the world of computers.  I also learn about others who were, on the same cross roads; in life that I was.  As in my books you will find many, with that open mind!  Try reading the chapter: Are You A Leader!  Don’t ask! 


Your mind should be, blow out every day in life.  As a students in one class, we had to read a book . Then talk of what we learn, from that book to the class. The teach said  Johnnie you are a Vietnam Veteran.  There is a book,I would like for you to read!   I said Ok then it was written down, on a piece of paper and handed to me. Fast forward!   I set out to get this book and had to read it myself. Because when you do things in life, in the end look around you; than see who is still there. Who may started out,reading this book with me. Would not read anymore of it!  Because not everyone, could read every book written!  I like to thank the teacher of that class, more that 847.934,854,190 times.


The authors name was! Emile Durkhelm.  The color of this book was RED! The name of his book was SUICIDE.   Because of this book that I read and talked with our class.  What I read  save my life!  What I learn form others, who have that open mind.  I now have a better view on life, from where I have came out of.  From January 1st 1990 clean and sober one day @ a time.  For those of you with that open mind, lock that in. Think positively one day @ a time.  Not the moon light ,nor the sun light. Not even todays date and time.   When last have you looked up and said the words. Thank You Father For This Day And Everything In It. 


Contribute or Donite should come, from with in the heart. With faith one can move mountants and feel the love of many called family from a far. It may be just the words good morning, or good night. from a blessing many would nor could understand! To donite could be just to stand near by, when someone is in the need of help! In the world of helping Veterans and family, smile and feel the fire! If you where there and are still hear.God our Fathers is always near!


To contribute of to donite his love. have no fear, it is through out the year! From the heart is where it must come. Another reason I say the words. Help Is On The Way! Many think there is never, enough time to learn. In my world of learning, it is what you have now learned; you are now able to see!  Johnnie H. Williams Jr. Vietnam Combat Veterans 199th Light INF. 4/12 (TET 1968). 



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Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.