Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.
Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.

                              Many think there is never, enough time to learn. In my world of learning.                                                                                               It is what you have now learned,you are now able to see!                                                                                                                                   Johnnie H. Williams Jr.  


     CEO. Johnnie H. Williams Jr.           VP. Christina J. Williams.

        Honoring Those Who                         Have Served.

           Service Disable Veteran               Owned Small Businesss.

            To Honor From Deep In Side Of Our Hearts! 

Here At Yonkers Honda We Are Honoring Our Veterans With Savings!

My Hair Was 8 times longer than this in my past. Some One Teach Me To Count! Baby Girl Said Daddy Your 68 Not 69 Years Young! Sorry Family I Am Going To Rock And Roll Even More! Help Is On The Way When You Learn How To Count!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all Veterans and every family on this earth, where ever one may be. If you cannot be there, send our( Ana C Williams Christina J. Williams/ Johnnie H. Williams) Valentine’s Day Wishes to them; With Love! God Bless America And Help Is On The Way! 

Mrs. Nancy Romano And Our Viet Nam Veterans (James J. Peters VA Medical Center).. Wish You And All Of Your Family. The Best For This Holiday Season, With Our Love!
December 4th 2015. A Joyful and Christmas Spirited Day! In the lobby Of Our James J. Peters VA Medical Center. 130 West Kingsbridge Road Bronx New York 10468. A Blessing For Those Who Have Served And Their Families.


A Song I Wrote And Sang For My Wife Ana C. Williams And All Of Our Family Members.  The Pain’s Of War, Will Never Go Away! Don’t Even Try It.  Many think there is never, enough time to learn. In my world of learning, it is what you have now learned; you are now able to see!  Johnnie H. Williams Jr. Vietnam Combat Veterans 199th Light INF. (TET 1968).               

                           I Hope To See You Family On, The 8th Of October 2015.

                                                 Help Is On The Way!





                                                          Create Your Own Success Story



                                                                 When Its Time To TAke That Break!!!

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Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.