Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.
Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP.


Sir/ Madam We thank you for your support, of our Veterans. God Bless AmericaI am writing to you about an urgent need of financial funding for our organization called.


Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP. The company started in 2009 and was upgraded in 2014 with this new legal name that exist today. Our mission is to promote, organize and sponsors disabled U.S. Veterans in the Bronx and all existing boroughs. Let’s not forget our other 49 states, which make up; our United States Of America! Our purpose is to help veteran with ways in obtaining housing, banking, claims, education, jobs training, affordable homes improvement, quality of live, and helping veteran's dependent with transition in their' lives with challenges as well.


It is the mission, duty and purpose of Help Is On The Way For Veterans 1024 CORP. To address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to Veterans. Up to date Information shall be given to Veteran, community on a local and global level. It is our duty to be available to provide, one of the most important yet; basic human rights. To all those braves’ Veterans during times, of extraordinary tribulation by trying to survive and to secure their humanity. Through the provision of food, information, health and education.


Help Is On The Way for Veterans 1024 Corp. Derived from the necessities to all Veterans, have after their returning to their homes; which we defined it as follow: «Right to adequate food is a human right, inherent in all people. To have regular, permanent and unrestricted access, either directly or by means of financial purchases. To quantitatively and qualitatively adequate and sufficient food corresponding to the cultural traditions. Of people to which the consumer belongs, and which ensures a physical and mental, individual and collective fulfilling and dignified life free of fear.


 The right to adequate all what their need is realized when every man, woman and child, alone or in community with others, have the physical and economic access at all times to adequate food or means for its procurement. The fact that an organization, in carrying out its primary purpose, advocates social or civic changes or presents opinion on controversial issues with the intention of molding public opinion or creating public sentiment to an acceptance of its views We are base in 2741 Fenton avenue Bronx, New York 10469.


Today the company has ten members, whose goals are to make sure that the disable veteran's; visions are properly met. I'm requesting if possible if you can, make a donation which will; help us move forward in. Caring for those who have served and our families in the need of help. This will help us offset the everyday company operation, in keeping up with what, should or could get done. Your donation will go to a worthy cost. The funds will be utilized in a, very efficient manner supervise by myself. For any inquiry regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at 646-417-2178. 718-653-1341   Fax 718-994-0698.

Founder/ President/Author.

Johnnie H. Williams Jr.

Vietnam Combat Veterans

199th Light INF. 4/12 (TET 1968).




The Way For Veterans Contracting Company LLC.  Started more than, a year ago. At 2741 Fenton Avenue, Bronx New York 10469 in the basement. Just like many of those companies, doing just great; as of this date in time. 


This is real and I need to Hire Veterans with your help. The Way For Veterans Contracting Company LLC. You can type it in Google and find what you may be looking for. When you love a country, the way I love my Country. You will hear the words God Bless America and Help Is On The Way!

                                                         Hire A Hero!!! 




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